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Rainey Day Guarantee

We are so confident of our method of window cleaning, the

amazing results it gives our customers or the fact that our four

step process will leave your windows cleaner longer that we also

offer exclusively our Rainey Day Guarantee. We want our

customers to feel not only trilled with our work but secure that

their hard earned investment in achieving sparkling clean and

shiny windows will not go in vein or down the drain per se. We

want them to know that in the event of their windows getting

dirty due to rainy weather not only will we be there for them to

get any affected windows sparkly clean we guarantee it and the

schedule is as follows: Should your windows get dirty due to bad

rainy weather within 7 days of service we will clean the affected

windows free of charge, within 8-14 days we will clean them at

a 60% discount rate, between 15-22 days we will make them

sparkle at a 40% discount and to top it off if it happens between

23-30 days we will still give them a 20% discount, how's that

for standing behind our work. There is no other company in

town that will stand behind their work or come even close to our

exclusive Rainey Day Guarantee like we will as that is the

BrightView way. We also make our own solution that is

unparalleled to achieving theist results and it's not the case with

the vast majority of our competition. It is no accident that we

have been improving our customers curb appeal since 2005 so

you know we are not some fly by night company and we will be

there whenever needed, ready to make your home sparkle.


Not liable for delicate items left on our work area, please have

all furniture and delicate items or anything that may obstruct in

doing what we were hired to do away from our work area, prior

to our arrival. Furniture can be moved for an additional charge.

Additional charges may apply to remove and replace solar

screens, depending on promotion, please let us know in advance

when booking. All charges due at time of service.   Window

cleaning lingo promotional language definitions for your

knowledge:  Window pane refers to a single piece of glass

window. XL pieces of glass may count as two). Regular window

refers to a window that has a single piece of glass on top of

another single piece of glass or similar. French window refers to

a window that is divided or cut up into multiple smaller pieces of

glass. Storm window refers to a window that requires to be

taken apart to clean. French and Storm windows are usually not

included in any special offers, coupons or vouchers and

additional charges may apply, call us before purchasing a special

offer if not sure. No refunds on vouchers due to having french or

storm windows or solar screens. Valid for standard 1 and 2 story

homes, taller homes may incur additional charges.   



Premier Window Cleaning and Other Services at Affordable Prices, Guaranteed.
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We know sometimes

situations that are out of

our control and

emergencies happen more

often that we would like

but when possible we ask

to be given a 24-Hour

notice on cancellations or

re-scheduling of your

appointment and seldom

times a $25 fee may apply.